Pound fit is a cardio exercise that is performed with movements like playing the drums using special sticks with a duration of approximately 45 minutes. Lately this sport is being favored especially by women because it has extraordinary results, namely burning up to 900 calories.

Sports may not be a fun activity for everyone. However, not a few people also want to exercise in a fun way so they can experience the maximum benefits, such as losing weight. The pound fit trend itself emerged from Hollywood, California. Pound fit was created by Carrie Ekins. Ekins was in a wheelchair when he discovered this sport. At that time, he was sitting in a wheelchair holding a drum stick as inspiration to produce cardio and a little dance. Pound fit exercise creates rhythm into music to accompany exercises while doing cardio.
Here are some benefits of Pound Fit:

  1. Helps Lose Weight.
  2. Focus on Immune Boosting.
  3. Mood Booster.
  4. Uplifting and Self Motivating.

This time, Jagur, Selaksa Makna, and Myibu Red Ginger participated in Pound Fit Session held by Yamaha Music School and Rocca Space on Sunday, 23rd July 2023. The event took place in Gate One Senayan Road on Car Free Day. After the participants of the event finished pound fit, they get to drink red ginger tea which to improve their stamina and immune booster.

Pound Fit is a fun and enjoyable sport, in addition to drink red ginger tea makes it more exciting!

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