On the birthday of the city of DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Ministry of Trade held a Business Matching inviting the Portugal Embassy and Iraq Embassy Republic of Indonesia, where on this occasion ISMY, PTE, Ltd presented and introduced organic beverage products from red ginger and local black coffee as well as various breads and snacks that we distribute and produce.

Business Matching Event is useful for matching demand from foreign markets with supply from companies in Indonesia. It is hoped that the existence of Business Matching will increase local product export activities to international markets, especially in Portugal and Iraq.

Representatives from friendly countries expressed their appreciation for the Indonesian products displayed and provided input to improve export performance to their home countries. Their response to red ginger drink products was very positive because in their home country it was winter and red ginger was very suitable to help warm their bodies.

In addition, they were also quite surprised that besides red ginger you can drink to warm your body, it turns out that red ginger can also be used as a daily drink while relaxing with your family.

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