A vacation is a must because it will make your body healing both physically and mentally. It is bliss to relax in a lounge chair, enjoying some beautiful view, and sipping a cool beverage.
Unfortunately, all vacations must eventually end and then it’s back to reality. Returning to your normal daily routine hits some of us harder than others, especially if you’ve been away on a longer vacation or an especially enjoyable one.

Your inner battery should be nicely recharged after some time away relaxing, but you find that you just can’t shake that feeling of post-vacation fatigue after coming home.
Post-vacation fatigue is a common thing. The stress and anxiety associated with it can start before you’re even back at home, simply by thinking about the prospect of coming home. It may also be characterized with post-vacation blues. Here are some reasons you may be feeling drained after returning from a trip:
• Jet lag.
• Readjusting to a time zone difference.
• The thoughts of dealing with tasks that weren’t done before travelling.
• Sleep schedule.
• Extreme and fun activities such as surfing, snorkeling, ATV, etc.
One way you can avoid experiencing post vacation fatigue and learn to cope with your post-travel weariness a little better is none other than consume Red Ginger. In Southeast Asia, red ginger and ginger is a common relief drinks after vacation. A cup of warm red ginger is rich in antioxidants and healing properties will very well restore your tired body.
We can recommend you a red ginger product that are 100% plant based and easy to make which is Myibu. Also, you can take it anywhere you travel because it comes with a travel size pack.

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