Cafe Show was first launched in 2002 in Seoul and has steadily grown to establish a firm foothold in Korea and Asia coffee market since then. Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is now well known as the biggest scale among the specialized coffee events in Asia region and gaining the reputation as the ‘Asia No.1 coffee event’. Also featured in Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is the World Coffee Leaders Forum (WCLF), which aims to share the knowledge and ideas of the current coffee industry. As sharing invaluable insight of global coffee celebrities through WCLF, Cafe Show is indubitably becoming the World’s top trade show which leads the present and even the future of the global coffee industry.

Other than the excellence of the Cafe Show brand, one of the main reasons for global coffee businesses to participate in Cafe Show Vietnam is from the potential of the Vietnam coffee consumption market. This time, Vietnam Int’l Café Show is held in Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) Ho Chi Minh City on 13 to 15 April 2023. It is showing the products from companies of Vietnam and internationals related to bakery, retail, coffee, raw materials, chocolates, food industries, food machinery, kitchen, and other related beverage products.

On this special occasion, Myibu Red Ginger get the chance to show their products of Indonesia authentic spice which is Red Ginger to the market. Red ginger from Myibu is a powder drink and easy to dissolve in water or any liquid related. That is why you can mix and match with another variations of beverage. In Indonesia, red ginger is nowadays a popular drink you can create into something modern like mocktail, cocktail, addition to coffee and tea. The result is a modern but unique kind of drink. Besides drinking red ginger is a must to protect immunity without using chemical products.

And to make it even better, you could buy and find Myibu Red Ginger across Vietnam. Serve it cold or hot according to your preference. Myibu Mother’s Choice

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