It’s Ramadan month! Being the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and regarded as the holy month for Muslims, it’s the time for them to fast for a month. At the end of it during Eid or Lebaran as it is called in Indonesia, Muslims are going to hold a big celebration with their close relatives, eat through a banquet, and generally have a good time with their family members. Whether your family members live near or far from each other, it’s also a good time to give Eid Hampers & Gifts to them as an expression of love by sending Lebaran Hampers. Though, it’s sometimes hard to determine what your family members like to receive for gifts in this holy month of Ramadan. For that, here we share an idea for gifting your loved ones!

Selaksa Makna Red Ginger “Ramadan Bermakna or in english Meaningful Ramadan”
It’s the premium and healthy hampers consists of:

  1. 3 Cans of Selaksa Makna Red Ginger (you can request for the flavors between Red Ginger Original; Red Ginger Signature; Red Ginger Lemon; Red Ginger Cocoa and Red Ginger Coffee).
  2. Wish and Greeting Card
  3. Crystal Glass
  4. Luxury Box
  5. Ribbon
    When fasting, it’s important to keep in mind your nutrient intake whenever you have the time to eat and drink; whether it be in the morning or after Maghrib, drinking healthy beverages can not only keep your health intact, but it could also boost your energy through the rest of the day. With that, it’s important to drink red ginger at any given chance that you have, and your family members are going to appreciate it if you ever gave them Selaksa Makna as a gift for the holy month!
    Let’s share the meaningful gift for your loved ones.

We bring Nature to You
-Selaksa Makna-

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