VIETNAM – To celebrate the World Food Day, October 16th, the event was held so that by sharing a meaningful meal with people around you. Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur got a chance to participate in the event.

Food and beverages are a connection. Think of your grandmother and mother’s recipes. It’s a connection to somewhere else. Where they came from. Sharing a food and beverage begins the bond. Not just caring for another, but the heritage shared between people with common ancestor.

Sharing a food is the very center of almost human relationship and bond. There are tons of benefits for sharing a drink or meal with others. It builds a trust among people sharing the same food. You can also share products from your company.

With the food sharing event which being held by Vietnam government collaborating with Foodbank and The Global FoodBanking Network, Ismy products from brand such as Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur can give free sampling to Vietnamese. They could taste the red ginger authentic from Indonesia.
Stay Healthy & Stay Happy!

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