Indonesia is a country that has abundant natural resources. The reason is because Indonesia is located on the equator. There are two seasons in Indonesia, namely the dry season and the rainy season. This makes the soil in Indonesia fertile, about 30,000 species of plants exist in Indonesia’s tropical forests. Some of the 30,000, are used plants and are known as spices.

In its heyday, spices were the main commodity in the world which was even more expensive than gold. Indonesia, which is rich in spices, has become the center of attention from other nations who want to monopolize it. Traders from all over the world risked their lives and wealth to market spices.

Long before the arrival of Europeans to Indonesia, spices were widely used by the ancient kingdoms in Indonesia as traditional medicine to cure lung diseases. This can be seen through an inscription. The inscription is a scene from the past written on a stone in Sanskrit.

This indicates that spices are important plants. Back then, the people who arrived made the main trade route located in the Malacca Strait. The Netherlands through the VOC (Dutch East India Company) regulates the spice trade in Indonesia.

In modern times, the government has developed the Spice Line as a cultural concept in Indonesia. The government wants to preserve and utilize this heritage to improve sustainable shared prosperity.

MyIbu Red Ginger Original & Lemon

Based on this, Myibu Red Ginger helps to preserve the Indonesian cultural heritage by making our ingredients 100% plant-based from red ginger extracted from the essence. All Myibu Red Ginger products take pure ingredients from nature in Indonesia. We work with local farmers here. Help and facilitate each other. As the government said, we want to achieve common prosperity through spices.

We hoped that the consumers who consume Myibu Red Ginger products will get an overview of the cultural heritage of the spice route in Indonesia.

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