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VIETNAM (06/09/2022) – Red ginger instant powder under Ismy PTE Ltd with line-up brand such as: Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur held a launching event in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The event was attended by distributors from Vietnam. In this product launching event, there are several agendas, which introducing product knowledge from Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur. Then there was a showcase of some drink recipes tutorial from Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur products. The event ended with the signing agreement of sales contract represented by the CEO of Ismy PTE Ltd, Mr. Joni with the Vietnam distributor and a group photo session. Many positive responses were received from the invited guests who attended the event.

Coincidentally, in Vietnam doesn’t have red ginger products, only white ginger variant was sold in the market. With this, make Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur become the first red ginger products in the Vietnamese market. In other words, Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur will be the first red ginger pioneer in Vietnam.

Myibu Red Ginger & Cangkir Mas Original

Red ginger originally cultivates in Asia, especially from Indonesia as a major contributor to the international market. Red ginger is known as a ginger variant that contains higher antioxidants, and the concentration of gingerol, shogaol, and zingerone substances than any other ginger variants such as white ginger (elephant) and emprit ginger. In addition to helping boost the immune system, according to scientific research, red ginger has many benefits, namely treating headaches, fighting insomnia, preventing intestinal inflammation, treating colds and coughs, dieting, maintaining heart health, and improving blood circulation.

Living healthy should be simple and easy. This is the motto of Ismy PTE Ltd in providing Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur products that are easy to find and make. To provide fresh and best quality of red ginger, which is the main ingredients for Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur, we collaborate with local farmers from Sumatra and Java Island. At first the red ginger farmers didn’t know the target market for selling their ginger, then we come to accommodate these farmers by becoming central source of their market. We build a community with support from each other. By working this way, together we participate in improving the economy and people’s welfare of Indonesia.

Myibu Red Ginger on Vietnam local store

Through hard work, Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur successfully exported their products to Vietnam and attracted the attention of distributors and Vietnamese residents with red ginger.

In Vietnam, red ginger from Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur have begun to be distributed in several stalls, traditional markets, horeca businesses, and supermarkets. In addition, Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur have also been covered by various local media press from Vietnam. With Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur distributed in Vietnam will be the beginning of the first step as Indonesia local product that contains spices mainly red ginger in the international market and at the same time helps increase the branding of products from Indonesia. Furthermore, Myibu, Cangkir Mas, and Jagur will continue to expand to other countries. Of course, we ought to have mindset to rise as high as we can by Go Global!

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