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Red ginger is common spice which comes from Indonesia. It is one of Indonesia proud commodity. The difference that set aside red ginger from other gingers type is the spiciness. Red ginger has spicier taste than the others. That’s why you will feel warm after consuming a red ginger.

In these periods where Covid-19 disease is still lingering in our society, we must be watched out for because of its relatively fast transmission and has a mortality rate that cannot be ignored. We have to consume such a daily vitamin. But just consuming vitamin it will not be enough and furthermore it is expensive. Is there any solution? One of natural resources cheap and contains quite high antioxidants are red ginger.

Cangkirs Mas Original 330gr

Rest assured, with Cangkir Mas comes to support with our 100% plant based red ginger powder instant. It is affordable, healthy, and safe to consume daily as your essential. We have come to Vietnam market to supply the red ginger stocks there. We partnered up with the local distributor there, in Vietnam, to handle the supply of our goods. Let’s keep healthy so we can be more productive!

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