Stuffing Process

The first Batch of Cangkir Mas and Jagur to Vietnam (26th July 2022).

With red ginger became demand commodity in global markets, we bring Cangkir Mas and Jagur further to our fellow ASEAN country, Vietnam. Red ginger is one of the healthiest and most beneficial herbs. Red ginger taste spicier than white ginger. It is often used for medicines and herbal drink. Red ginger contains useful compounds such as shogaol, gingerol, zingeron, and many more. With so many active substances that can cure various ailments, no wonder red ginger become hot item.

Here’s some benefits of red ginger: warming up your body, treating headache, preventing inflammatory bowel, strengthen body’s Immunity, treating cough, overcoming nausea, and increasing appetite, losing weight, and keeping heart condition.


Stuffing Process
Stuffing Process

Our production process is supervised carefully according to hygiene and sanitation procedure. We want to make sure that every product of Cangkir Mas and Jagur is safe to consume by our customers. As we use 20 ft container to contain our products, we also sanitize the inside of the container so it can kill the germs and bacteria inside.

Stay Healthy with Us!

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