Myibu Red Ginger Original

As red ginger become popular demand amongst people around the globe, we have proceeded second batch of export to China on 19th July 2022. Red ginger is a common spice originally from Indonesia. It is a fact that red ginger is good for immune system. We have not overcome coronavirus yet, that is why we should take a prevention by having red ginger as our main vitamin.

It is proven to be healthier than you consumed other multivitamin supplements. Beside it is 100% plant based which make it more beneficial for daily consumption.

We take every step of the exporting process thoroughly. Start from extracting the red ginger into powder, then put the powder into the sachets, of course with hygiene and sanitation according to the procedure.

We use the 2 ft container to transport the carton boxes of Myibu red ginger. It is already sanitized using chemical spray to avoid virus and bacteria.


Stuffing Process
Stuffing Process

When it comes in front of your door everything will be perfect for you and your family.

Myibu, Mother’s Choice!

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