“Life is Short, Better make it Sweet and Savory!”

Mostly breads made in Indonesia are under influences of Chinese, Middle East, Indian, and Dutch culture. Which then came Bagelen. Bagelen was originated from the accident of someone in the Netherlands who initially had an intention to dry stale bread so that it could still be eaten. It ended up being a discovery of a delicious new snack, especially with the addition of butter and sugar. Kartika Toast raises the level of this classic snack by making it from freshly dried bread, combining over 50 years of experience, quality ingredients, and internationally certified processing standards to produce high-quality and flavourful bagelen that everyone can enjoy as a ‘friend’ in various situation. We know that the name of Bagelen sounds so uncommon for us. No worry… Even though the name is odd, it surely has a sweet taste for you who may have a sweet tooth. The sweet savory comes from the butter cream which is one of the ingredients to make a Bagelen.

Probably wondering what it’s look like?


Bagelen is an oval shape bread, with its extreme crispiness, and its sweet spread: baked with whipped butter and powdered sugar. Yummy!!!

ISMY provides 2 variations of the Bagelen:

Bagelen Cheese

Think about a sweet oval shape bread accompany with butter and sugar, then you add a crumble cheese on top of it. Delicioso! The saltiness in Cheese is the perfect combination for the sweet buttery and sugar Bagelen. It’s like Romeo meeting Juliet but in food context.

Bagelen Butter

The “OG” of Bagelen. They’ve said original is always the best one! This one is topped with Butter. You know just like BTS (Korean Boygroup) popular song Butter with the famous lyrics that got you hyping on it: “It’s smooth like butter”… and it’s also crunchy on the other side.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab it and enjoy our Bagelen with your dearest one, families, & friends!

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